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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I use a professional moving company?

Unfortunately, the moving industry has its share of dishonest operators. For your reassurance, Best Mover Care attests to ethical and responsible business conduct. We have served over 1500+ customers over the years.

Should we book a packing and moving company separately, or one company for both?

 It is strongly recommended to go with only one company for both moving and packing. With different companies for packing and moving, in case of any damage during transportation, none of the companies will take full responsibility for the damage and will try to blame the other company. Best Mover Care provides both packing and moving services for its customers so that you don’t have to worry about hiring two companies.

Can Best Mover Care help me pack? Or I have to do my packing if Best Mover Care moves me?

Yes, Best Mover Care provides professional packing services to lift the stress when you go to new places. Our packers are professionally trained to work effectively and efficiently and use best practices that ensure your goods are ready to travel safely. We are always here to help you 24/7.

What are the steps involved in moving?

The steps included in moving are Survey, Estimation, Approval, Booking, Planning, and Execution.

Can I get an exact estimate of the cost for my move?

Based on the details you provide, we will give you an estimate as best we can. There are usually minor differences in the final cost. We never have any hidden charges and will only charge you according to services provided.

Can I change the date of my move?

You can change the date of your move and inform us before we send our team to your location. We urge our customers to inform us at least two days prior to the agreed move date.

How much does intercity moving cost?

Depending on the distance, type of move, and the magnitude of the move, the prices vary. Contact us for an estimate so we can guide you better.

What happens if there are damages to my belongings?

We have a team of trained professionals who handle and pack all your items with care and expertise. Damages have hardly ever happened in our years of serving. Nonetheless, if our team is responsible for any damages, we will offer the best solution we can. Our customer satisfaction is important to us.

Can I choose the materials for packing?

We always use the best materials regardless. If you have special requirements, we will work according to your preference. For additional charges, we will include it in the bill.

How can we trust that Best Mover Care is a professional movers and packers company?

Best Mover Care is operating for the last 10 years and till today we have 100%, satisfied customers. Our customer trusts us and our quality service speaks for us. We try to excel our customers’ expectations in high standards and value of satisfaction.

How do I book a move with Best Mover Care?

There are easy ways to book a move with us. You can chat with our operator on the website, call us on phone, or send a message on WhatsApp to avail our services. We will send our expert to analyze the magnitude of the move and give you a FREE quote.

What is the notice period required for moving?

 For local home relocation, it is around 3 to 5 days. But if the schedule is free, then we can book your order earlier. We will try to entertain you as soon as possible.

What am I not allowed to send with the movers on my move?

While moving, it is your prime responsibility to keep your precious belongings safe and secure.

Are there any other Best Mover Care in UAE?

 Yes, many other companies are imitating our brand and it is best advised to avoid Fake Packers and movers. It is strictly advised for you to visit our office before you book them.

Are the movers trained to handle glassware?

Yes, our team comprises of skilled and trained professionals. We use the best materials to pack glassware and handle them with extra care.

Do you handle pet moving?

Yes, we handle pet moving except exotic animals. We will require prior information about the animal. We may decide not to handle the pet moving depending on legal issues if they apply.

Do you handle elder moving?

Depending on the condition of the elderly, we may be able to help. Please contact us and share more details so that we can guide you better.

Do you handle commercial moving?

Yes, we handle commercial and office moving.

How much time does it take to pack?

Before the estimate, we will like to visit your home to evaluate the amount of work needed. Based on the items to be packed and moved we will be able to provide a better estimate on the time we need.




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